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***This is a particular type of images downloader; therefore before install this app (in order to avoid bad grades and reviews) please read carefully these notes*** This app let you store the addresses of the images and keep local copies aligned with their version published on the web Images Downloader is designed to let you store local copies of web images and keep them synchronized with changes of their web versions. Images Downloader is very useful in case of pictures that are published on web sites with fixed names and that are updated frequently such as: - stocks charts - webcam images - meteo charts - seismograms Once images addresses are stored into this app, with a single tap you can refresh your local copies in order to align them to their current web versions. For instance, lets suppose that you are interested to know weather of some places (i.e. mountains or sea near you). You can store in this app webcam images addresses that are located in that places and then with a single tap you can refresh local copies of images and see the weather of those places. In order to download an image and keep it synchronized with its new web version) you can: - manually insert its web address - share the image address directly from your preferred browser and then choose Images Downloader application. Other functionalities are: - manage the list of images to download keep synchronized - download them as many time you want (in order to save locally new versions) - check for new version of images without download them - refresh or delete a single image - sort images list by various criteria - see and navigate images with zoom functionality - share downloaded images or related addresses Images are saved on SD in folder called Images_Downloader. At this moment .jpg, .jpeg, .gif (not animated) and .png images types are managed. If you find any issue or need a new functionality, please write me; Ill reply you as soon as possible

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