FAR 117 Pilot Duty Time




The FAR 117 Flight Time Duty Time app helps pilots calculate their duty times, max flight times, rest requirements, and more. *New Feature: Cumulative times Be sure to use this app before ground school to get up to speed on the new regs. Click on the info buttons to view details that help you learn about the new 117 regulations or use the built in Quick Reference Guide. Part 121 pilots should use this app before calling crew scheduling. Features: • Free and no ads • The easiest 117 calculator on the market • FAR 117 compliant calculations • For use with both augmented and unaugmented operations • Takes into account rest class • Time zone calculations • 14 CFR 117 document with search function • FAR 117 Tables with active highlighting based on user inputs • Outputs: Max Flight Time, Max Duty Period, Latest Off Duty Time, Do not takeoff after time, Extensions, and more • Email results to your chief pilot or yourself for a record • Free and no ads This app does not include union/company specific contract limitations. Contact us if your union/company would like to have an app built to fit your contract ### Compatible with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above ### ### Some HTC phones will require Android 4.3 or above ### ### Lower Android version may work, but may have errors -- Please report bugs via email ### If you find bugs please contact: apps@iting.us Tags: Calculator, FAA, Part 117, Pilot Duty Times, Airline, Part 121, Rest times, Pilot Union, ALPA, part117

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