New Emoji 6.0




It is an New color emoji plugin for Emoji Keyboard - CrazyCorn, you should install the main app first. Included Android 6.0 New Emoji like Middle Finger, Taco, Nerd Face with Android Emoji style. Please note that if your android device is under android 6.01, maybe you can not see some emojis after you have input, but other user with these devices can see it. About Emoji Keyboard: An beautiful theme keyboard that support to input emoji in everywhere(like Facebook/Twitter), you can see the beautiful style keyboard UI and input emoji very convenient. - Include too much cool and beautiful keyboard UI. - Emoji Text face support. - Funny emoji support. - Art emoji support. - Gesture slide input. - Custom more personal fonts. - Input Emoji in any apps. - Custom keyboard theme color: - Key text color and background color. - Keyboard background. - Suggest and preview color. - Custom your like picture as Keyboard Wallpaper.