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The following Egyptian Radio Live FM Radio Live - Free Music & Podcasts (Free Radio Stations: FM Radio & AM Radio) for Android is programmed to stream broadcasts live from Egypt. Egyptian Radio Live FM Radio Live - Free Music & Podcasts (Free Radio Stations: FM Radio & AM Radio) Android Radio allows you to listen and enjoy numerous genres of music such as classical, rock, pop, instrumental, hip-hop, gospel, songs, music, talks, news, comedy, shows, concerts, gospel shows, Ethiopian national music, Ethiopian news and other kinds of programs. Listen to the best Live Egyptian streams on your Android device and discover new sounds, state-of-the-art songs, breaking news, etc. via Egyptian Radio Live (Live Internet radio / Free radio stations: FM Radio & AM Radio) app. Due to this Live Egyptian Radio Live Internet Radio / Free radio stations: FM Radio & AM Radio app (Egyptian streaming) app you are enabled to enjoy all the types of music as well as entertaining and informative Egypt programs, songs, live Egypt News and other streamings. You will be aware of what is going on in Egypt by listening to our Android radio Internet Radio / Free radio stations: FM Radio & AM Radio app streaming and broadcast live. Features: • There is a Favorite section where you can keep your favorite stations. • You can share the app on Facebook. • There is a World category where there are the most popular Android radio stations from all over the world. You can listen not only to the stations of the country you have chosen but also the stations from section. • Modern design • Search for your favorite singer and listen to their songs. • Sleep mode. If the Radio is on and you forget to turn it off it goes to sleep mode and is automatically switched off. • Favorite section where you can save your favorite stations and listen to them later. • You can record the song or your preferable part of the song via its Record function. • There are many categories (rock, pop, classical, etc.) which you can choose and listen related music. • Add more radio stations to your preferable list • There are many categories (Rock, Pop, Classical, Talk & Speech, Reggae, Rap, Jazz, Electronic, R&B/Urban, Decades, Misc, Folk, Country, International, Adult Contemporary) which you can choose and listen to related music. • An opportunity of enjoying our radio streaming without having to overcome any kind of obstacles or impediments. Our professionals are always there to update the Radio app by adding features, broadcasts, so that you get delighted with all the extra features that have been included in this version. • Existence of frequent updates, availability of new features and various stations. So the above mentioned Android FM Radio (streaming internet radio) will not let you get either bored or disappointed. • Quick access to Radio from Countries section (Select the country and touch the Radio Station) Favourite (select the Radio Station) Recent (open the recent list and choose the station) Shortcut on your Mobile Home screen Egyptian Radio Live FM - Internet Radio Online / Free radio stations: FM Radio & AM Radio app gives you the best experience in listening to worldwide FM radio stations, AM radio stations and online radio stations. Enjoy the following stations: Rahab FM, Nineties FM, Nojoom FM, Radio Olympia FM, Nogoum FM, Al Haya FM, Radio Al-Ahram, Radio 6060 fm, Radio Vision Egipt, Radio BanhaCity Tarab, 100 Copies Music Radio, Egonair, Coptic Orthodox, Radio 2sm3, St. Luke Radio station, Copt4G FM, Radio Arabesk, St Mary El Golf Radio, Radio Sotak, etc. In case of any questions contact us via our Facebook page: