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Put your diet on autopilot with Eat This Much, the automatic meal planner. Tell us your diet goals, the foods you like, your budget, and what your schedule looks like, and well automatically generate a complete meal plan to meet your requirements. Its like having a personal diet assistant. Features •  Generate meal plans that meet your calorie and macro targets in seconds •  Nutrition targets can be set up for weight loss, maintenance, or muscle / bodybuilding •  Follow any eating style or create your own •  Choose from paleo, atkins/keto, vegetarian, vegan, and Mediterranean diets •  Filter out foods/recipes based on allergies and dislikes, including gluten-free •  Set the available cooking time for each meal to match your schedule •  Take the anxiety out of picking what to eat •  Personalize any of our recipes or add your own •  Dont like our suggestions? Easily swap them out or configure the meal planner to only use foods you like using Recurring Foods Premium features •  Automatically generate a week of meal plans at a time •  Didnt follow the meal plans? Easily log what you did eat to track your intake •  Grocery lists are automatically created from your meal plans •  Set a number of family members for each meal to make sure you buy enough groceries •  Reduce food waste with pantry tracking •  Set custom targets for each day of the week, like more calories and carbs on your workout days. Customize as much or as little as you want. Normal calorie trackers force you to add foods into your diary one by one. By the end of the day, theres no guarantee that youll be anywhere near your nutrition targets. With our automatic meal planner, theres nothing to track because everything is already entered for you. All you have to do is follow the plan. We offer both free accounts and premium accounts. As a free user, you can create a single day meal plan and completely customize it however you want. Each meal can have different preferences, and your nutrition targets can be whatever you like. As a premium user, youll have access to the weekly meal planner that allows you to automatically generate a week of meal plans and send them to you with a grocery list via email. As you follow the plans, you can track what you did or didnt eat, and if you deviate from the plans, we make it easy to readjust your targets for the next week to stay on track. Try out the free account to see if our meal plans appeal to you, and upgrade to the premium meal planner when youre ready. Privacy policy: Terms of use: