Galaxy Toolbox




Free app for network unlock BCM21553 based Galaxy devices and apply Custom binary counter reset. ROOT REQUIRED Short list: Samsung Galaxy Pocket Samsung Galaxy Y series Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Samsung Galaxy Pop Pro (Mini Plus) Samsung Galaxy Ace (with 832Mhz CPU) Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Samsung Galaxy ACE Duos Also a good tool for backup EFS partition for safety reasons. ROOT REQUIRED Feature list Device Info on Lock states and Custom bin counter - Save backup of EFS partition - Restore EFS partition - Unlock all four kind of locks: network lock, subnetwork lock, SP lock, CP lock - Reset Custom binary download counter to zero Supported models: Samsung Galaxy Pocket - GT-S5300 - GT-S5300B - GT-S5300L Samsung Galaxy Y series - GT-S5360 - GT-S5360B - GT-S5360L - GT-S5360T - GT-S5363 - GT-S5367 - GT-S5368 - GT-S5369 Samsung Galaxy Y Pro - GT-B5510 - GT-B5510B - GT-B5510L Samsung Galaxy Pop Pro - GT-S5570I Samsung Galaxy Ace (with 832Mhz CPU) - GT-S5830i - GT-S5830C - GT-S5830M - GT-S5830V - GT-S5839i DUAL SIM models: - GT-S5302 (Pocket Duos) - GT-S5302B - GT-B5512 (Y Pro Duos) - GT-B5512B - GT-S6102 (Y Duos) - GT-S6102B - GT-S6802 (ACE Duos) - GT-S6802B PLEASE DO NOT UNDERRATE IN CASE YOUR DEVICE IS NOT SUPPORTED

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