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BECOME A FOOTBALL MANAGER iClub Manager gives you the opportunity to become manager of a football team. You shall pay attention to basically every detail inside your club, from picking up the ideal lineups for the match on Sunday to sign new stars, and even getting a loan to expand your stadium whilst ensuring financial stability. WILL YOU GET TO BECOME A MANAGER OF FIRST DIVISION? According to your performance in the last seasons, you will get offers to be the manager of either a new team or your same old club, provided they are happy with you, of course. You will start leading a modest team from the lower divisions and fighting its way into the higher divisions. PLAYERS WITH AGE Now the players improve when they are young and worsen with the age up to retirement. Its not enough to have a great squad, you will have to watch the market in order that your team preserves the level you wish every season. 5 DIVISIONS, 100 TEAMS, 2500 PLAYERS You can enjoy a league with 5 divisions, 100 international teams fighting for promotion and relegation. In addition, the 64 top teams will battle to win the Cup TRANSFER MARKET WITH AI Get the best players play on your team. Drawing up a five-star squad to win the league without effort. The market is constantly moving, do not let your competitors get ahead. TOTAL CONTROL OF FINANCES To take your team the top you will have to be a financial magnate. Adjust ticket prices, stadium improvements, buy and sell players. You have control of every accounting records to avoid missing any income or expense. INTEGRATED EDITOR At any time you can edit the names of players and teams, their averages, pricing, demarcation... and start a league with them. For example, you can create a competition with the names of your friends. STATISTICS Top scorers, best goalkeepers and even your history as a manager to not miss anything.

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