Notepad 20, is a intuitive light weight notes application that allows you to capture and organize your ideas. The main screen gives you a notepad look-and-feel. You can now Change font and font size. With the release of this new version, I have set the display of ads to only be one time each time the app opens. If you have PAID to remove the ads and one shows back up just click the BUY ME button again and they will go away, please let me know if there is a problem. There is an email the developer button in the app. SEND TO PRINT only works on Android 4.4 + YOU CAN NOW PRINT.... PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH YOUR PRINT STORIES I will be adding new features as they are asked for, so please Email me with request. (IF YOUR LEAVING 1 STAR PLEASE COMMENT WHY, SO I CAN FIX IT) Key Features: - Fingerprint Security protected (Removed to make updates) - Backup & Restore - Change tablet Colors - Change Fonts - Change Font Size - Char Counter - Print your notes (Android 4.4+) - Email Developer from with in the app - Add notes by Voice - Buy me button to remove ads - Add Note to your Google Calendar. - Simple Navigation - Share your Notes (SMS or E-Mail) - Preview the note before opening. (Long Click) - Press the microphone to VOICE input your NOTES