Fake Novel: Girls Simulator

Sugoi Studio



You are about to experience hyper-realistic girls simulator, which is also happens to be a visual novel. Girls have very special and unique logic. Meet our characters and judge for yourself: Tsundere - evil on the first glance, she loves you deep inside. Very very deep… The maid - she works for an ordinary guy just because she wants to. God forbid hell upset her with anything... Fake sister - Theres no true fan service without horny girl claiming to be main characters sister, you know. Yandere - she loves you and murders, preferably murders of everyone except you, so she can be your only one. Dont bother about fails, there are more than 20 achievements and nice manga style graphics to cheer you up ;) P.S. Dont take this game too seriously, girls can be cute sometimes. Some of them. Probably. Moving on. P.P.S. If your girlfriend complains that you dont understand her, give her our game. P.P.P.S. Good luck in your personal affairs, Bro

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