A Faster Reader




AFR is an App that lets you read at speed of light. Read text like youre watching a video Send text from other Apps to AFR with Androids Share button. Open a page in your browser and Share it with AFR to start reading. Compatible with your favorite Apps: Pocket, Zite, Flipboard, Feedly, Zinio and many more ... Copy text from any App and paste AFR to read it immediately: Keep Google, Evernote, Aldiko, ColorNote ... ✔ Reading List with all your reading history ✔ Add books to your library and read them like youve never done before .epub, .txt, .html, .pdf (experimental PDF) ✔ Keep up with your RSS feed subscriptions with the new reader integrated ✔ Sync your Pocket account in order to read news later (but faster) ✔ Size and type of letter are configurable now ✔ Long Words marker Pause and resume reading by tapping the text. Move through the text tapping on arrows, long tap for fast rewind and forward, move to near words swiping below the text or tap the Pagination button to move to an specific word In less than 10 minutes you will master AFR = Premium Features = ✔ Speeds from 10 to 1000 WPM ✔ More Themes: Dark, Sepia, Hacker, Pink and Vintage ✔ Change the background color ✔ Toggle the progress bar when reading ✔ Toggle a helper text to read even faster ✔ Shortcut to read the copied text ✔ Pause at numbers in quotes , punctuation as [. , ; : ? ] and hyphens and dashes ✔ Continue Reading from where you left off ✔ Compatibility with Pebble and Pebble Time SmartWatches ✔ Set font size and type = Limited functions (lite) = ✔ Reading List: Only the last 2 read items are available ✔ Books: Only 1 simultaneous book and only the first 10 chapters ✔ RSS Feed: Only 1 simultaneous feed and only the last 2 items ✔ Pocket: Only the last 2 items ✔ Read in Chromecast (up to 100 words, unlimited with Premium) AFR uses the method Rapid Serial Visual Presentation that allows you to read more words per minute than you can imagine. AFR collaborates with Homeless Fonts project: http://homelessfonts.org/ http://www.afastreader.com @afastreader - https://twitter.com/afastreader https://www.facebook.com/afastreader

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