Word Snake Search

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Word Snake: Connect the most words This is a fun adventure-themed word search game where you have to find word snakes that are hidden in a letter grid. - Difficulties: easy, medium, hard, insane - Both adventure mode and endless puzzle play using randomly generated Quick Game with English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch or Italian words - Saves progress when you log in with Google+. Earn achievements and compare your performance to your friends with Google Leaderboards. - If youre connected with Google+ youll be able to compare your word search performance with friends with our per-puzzle leaderboard. - Many categories with interesting words available (Anatomy, Animals, Boy & Girl Names, Countries, Food, Movies, etc.) - Special snake modes: rectangular and twisted. - Share your achievements with your friends - Optimized for both phone and tablet. So play this fun word search game for free This game was promoted using the AppBrain promoted app network: http://goo.gl/J6iLi0