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Video Player: HD & All Format is one of the easiest to use players. It supports almost all types of video formats, and easy to operate. When you are at leisure, when you relax, gently open, bring you high-quality visual experience, let you immersive. Automatically recognize all video playback files on your phone Play multiple types of video formats, including high-definition video Support MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP, RMVB, MOV,FLV and other formats List all the video files and find them quickly Support video captions, automatic synchronization Quickly adjust screen brightness Easy to adjust the video sound Exit to return to Quick Positioning Last playback position Video screenshots share Similar picture intelligent detection delete, save mobile phone memory. Picture compression, the same quality, save your cell phone space. Quickly search for videos and pictures Has a problem? Please wait You do not give us negative feedback, please contact us we will solve all the problems as soon as possible. We will reply as soon as possible and solve all problems. Video Player is a must-have software for Android phones, and the best partner for your video.