Face Maker - face changer

Akshra Infotech



Want to make any photo attractive or funny one? This amazing tool helps you to make any picture amazing. Face maker is a face changer app which includes great collection of stickers like wigs, moustache, goggles, caps, hats and beard. This will change your face into funny one. With this face changer you will be able to create funny picture for fun. Face Maker is very easy to use app 1. Select any picture from camera or galley. 2. Choose any sticker from given category of stickers like select moustache to see how you look in it. 3. Resize your sticker with pinch zoom in/ zoom out effect. 4. Rotate and drag in feature to adjust sticker on desire position. 5. Double tap to remove any sticker which you dont like. 6. Save your amusing picture and share it with any one on social network like Facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc.

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