Game of Words

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Now you get Game of Words with Single Player mode You try to get as many points as possible in 3 minutes. You play alone so you dont have to wait for you opponent, but it still triggers your competitive spirit since Single Player decides your rank. We promise youll be hooked from the beginning in this first of its kind game mode Now we can see who the true champion is since cheating is virtually impossible. Game of Words is or has been: #1 family game on the App Store in the Philippines #1 word game on the App Store in Japan #1 word game on the App Store in South Africa #1 app overall in Botswana Download Game of Words now Description of the game: Game of Words is a word puzzle game with 15 by 15 squares where the goal is to earn as many points as possible and beat your opponent by placing letters on the board to create words. Use the bonus squares Double Letter, Triple Letter, Double Word, and Triple Word to multiply your word scores. Available in English, Russian, and Norwegian, with more languages coming soon. Awesome Features: * Challenge your friends across platforms (iOS and Android) * Create account with e-mail, Facebook, or Vkontakte * High score lists * Statistics (your best scores, plus total tallies against your friends) * Choose between standard board or randomize the bonus squares * Challenge social network friends, random opponents, or pass and play on your device * Chat with opponents * Run several games simultaneously * Notifications tell you when it is your turn * 48 hour time limit to play your turn * Ad-free version available Please visit our website for more information: Use of this application is governed by Afternorths Terms of Service, which can be found here: Collection and use of personal data are subject to Afternorths Privacy Policy, which can be found here: Social Networking Service terms may also apply. ea375597ba

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