Do you hate people as much as I do? Do you find yourself wasting time trying to find the right condescending message in order to get rid of them? Then you need kboard - a keyboard designed specifically to end conversations. Dont waste time with all those other superfluous letters when all you really need is k.. * *NEW* Commands - a powerful VIM-like macro system for your own custom command keys /like this5dw,i($0) * Add as many custom keys as you need. * Quickly switch between kboard and your other keyboards * One-click send option for the pinnacle of laziness - no need to even press enter * Choose from 5 material design color schemes It will literally save you hours of pointless talking With kboard the world is your oyster: * Add your favourite hashtags * Easily Italicise/bolden things in WhatsApp * More powerful copy/paste automation with Commands * Use to speed up github peer reviews (e.g. thumbs up, +1, LGTM) * Add long names that are awkward to type * Custom text emoji/faces (e.g. ¯_(ツ)_/¯, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) * Automate sweet nothings to your partner COMMANDS (New in v3) Commands is a VIM-like system for adding keys that do special things. For example: /WhatsApp italicisedw,i(_$0_) /WhatsApp boldendw,i(*$0*) /WhatsApp italicsi(__),j /Copy Allyy /Repeat word x4dw,4p /rly sad1000i(😥 ) Full list: d=delete previous character dw=delete previous word 3dw=delete previous three words dd=delete all yy=copy all y=copy selection p=paste from clipboard i(text)=output the content of the brackets ($0 gets replaced with the last deleted/copied content) upper(text)=as o, but in upper case lower(text)=as o, but lower case j=move cursor back by a character k=move cursor forward by a character b=move cursor back by a word w=move cursor forward by a word s=trigger a send command

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