Farm All Day - Farm Games Free

Ace Viral



Welcome to your new Farming addiction, you wont want to stop playing in this big farm Come on down to the Island Farm for the most fun farming experience on your Android phone Its the best new Farm Game in town This Tropical Seaside Farm has it all, where better to Plant and Harvest your crops? Unique Features Animal care - feed, brush, and name your animals Keep them happy. Play the Guitar to the bees? Find and catch a variety of friendly bugs and research them in the Bug House Use the Metal Detector on the beach to discover hidden treasures Sell your produce items to the customers wholl come to check out your farm. Find the rare items and sell them for a tip top profit Complete missions where you pet your cow or chicken? Enjoy the warm shores and expand your farm, welcome new animals and bugs to the farm and care for them all Keep improving the farm and youll attract more neighbors to your farm - stock up your farm shop and theyll buy directly from you, earning you coins even when youre not around. Complete orders and send the plane away to bring back more coins and earn experience to level you up Fulfill trade orders for rare items for even bigger rewards, and even transport out your bugs to people in need Complete in game achievements in the beautiful story setting, where the grass always grows. Play Farm Game to build up a farming empire and become a hero in this top free simulation.

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