X-Ray Scanner Prank

Golden Kiwi



Xray scan is just a prank application and made for fun purposes only so that you can trick your friends. ****Transform your phone into a X-ray scanner**** This is not a real x ray scanner and does not provide true x-ray scanning functionality in any way. How to use: Please tilt your phone over the body part where you want the x ray image, like if you want X-Ray of legs, then move the phone over the leg after pressing leg scan button and see the xray of leg. Similarly you can do for fingers, legs, head and hands, left feet, right feet and more. Have fun looking to your friend embarrassed face :) Features: 
- Right Feet - Head - Left Feet - Left Hand
 - Right Hand - Chest - Index finger and more. You can tell your friends that you have build a real xray scanner in your phone. Any reviews will be highly appreciated.