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** Please use our new App. This one will not be updated anymore. Thanks ** The dream of being pregnant came into your life and as expected, you want to take the control and get information about each change and progress in your and your babys body. Like your doctor does at each control with a Pregnancy Wheel (also called gestational Disc, Obstetric Wheel, or Pregnancy Calculator), today through Gestograma of Facemamá.com, you will be able to access from your device to everything you need to know about the development of your pregnancy. With this useful application you can get, within seconds and by only rotating the wheel until your last menstrual period (LMP), details of: Your baby: - BPD (Bi Parietal Diameter) or diameter of your babys head - LF (femur length), it is the longest bone in the body of your baby. - Weight - Size or Height - AFP (Abdominal Fetal Perimeter) or circumference of your babys abdomen About you, mom: - Number of weeks of pregnancy - Possible Birth Date of your baby - Estimated weight gain, very useful to determine whether you are exceeded in weight - Uterine Height, or how much your uterus has grown in pregnancy - The max number of contractions per hour in the actual pregancy week And as each stage of pregnancy is different, this application will allow you access to details of each week from facemama.com, guiding you with the changes in your body, the necessary care, special situations and all that can generate confusion to you. The contents of “weeks of pregnancy“ also shows you images and videos of 3D ultrasound. (This feature requires internet connection). If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to soporte@isisproductora.cl. We will appreciate it. Good ratings and reviews will encourage us to keep improving this tool for you.