F22 Fighter Desert Storm-Armv6




F22 Fighter Desert Storm brings to you a lot of new features: 1 - You can select three different fighters to engage the battle; 2 - Realistic engine sound; 3 - Improve on fighter control; 4 - Enemy AI improvement; 5 - Performance improvement for Kindle Fire. Thank you for download F22 Fighter Desert Storm. We are planing a very big surprise for you in the next few weeks. :) *************************** Prepare yourself for the most exciting war ever. Fly your F22 Fighter through a very realist Egypt scenery that you ever saw against helicopters, F17, F117 and S37. They want shut you down, but you have to resist equip your aircraft F22 Fighter with seeker missiles hided around the level. Between the pyramids and behind the sphinx you can find some shelter, but dont be a fool. The defense is the attack. Take the F22 Fighter over this desert storm before is too late. This is the challenge...this the desert storm... this is F22 Fighter Desert Storm Be prepared. **** THIS VERSION WAS BUILT TO AMRV6 DEVICES ****

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