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Play your favorite videos, movies and tv series files with this video player. Video Player for AVI and MKV supports popular video formats like avi, flv, mp4 and mkv. It also plays more formats like wmv, rmvb, mov, 3gp and others. It supports .srt subtitles and embedded mkv subtitles. Just put your subtitle in the same directory with the same name of the related video. Please support development of new features by clicking the +1 button. [Usage Instructions] 1) Load your favorite video files on your device. 2) Load your .srt subtitles (same directory and name of the video) 3) Open Video Player for AVI and MKV. 4) Navigate to the video file you want to select or use the search function. 5) Select the file to watch and enjoy [******IMPORTANT******] This free app is ad supported. The ads help us create and maintain these free apps for you. This app doesnt contain any malware, virus or spyware. [******IMPORTANT******] [Licenses] This app uses open source code from Yixia ( available at under Apache License 2.0 (