Element53 Lite

Sander Nijhof



Like any other developer, I dont like bad ratings/reviews. If you think this app is not working like it should work please contact me (the developer) before leaving bad reviews. Maybe I can help you fix the problem. Element53 is a ready-to-use DNS-tunnel for Android. It can be used for penetration testing (other uses are not supported). Element53 creates a TCP-tunnel to a SOCKS proxy server. The client side of the tunnel is localhost:3128. For your convenience the server part is provided. If you have rooted your device (this is no requirement) you can install ProxyDroid and route all internet traffic into the tunnel. Element53 Lite allows you to test until you have reached 10 mb traffic. If you like Element53, you can upgrade to the Pro version for unlimited network traffic If you encounter a bug or problem, please contact the developer before leaving a bad rating or review. If you are using the provided server, note that we are not logging any of your traffic. So, nothing of your generated traffic will be saved or logged. If you dont trust it, you can also run your own server. The server and client side source is available at https://github.com/M66B/element53