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Welcome to Fairy Mix, bright and unique world full of magic, adventures and Match-3 puzzles by Nika Entertainment — candy puzzle adventure company, the creator of the Dreamlike Mix game Together with the little soreceress Jeannie fight back Vivienne de Legrand, the wicked witch who destroyed the Magical Estate of the little magicians parents ★ Prepare thousands of sparkling bottles and flasks matching them three in a row ★ Mix the most powerful potions into the magical combinations using up to 5 elements in a row ★ Solve puzzles completing more than one thousand levels ★ Enjoy explosive effects and watch colorful flashes of magic combinations Help Jeannie to win ★ Release farms and sawmills, mines, mills and bakeries ★ Collect resources and restore the Magical Estate ★ Upgrade structures that will help to mix three potions in a row and add the additional moves In Fairy Mix you can visit dozens of locations — from lovely meadows in pastel colours to the incredibly colorful thickets Yes, there are even lands where candies grow right on the trees, and sweet jam runs in the river instead of the water Perhaps there you will meet a real Panda eating crispy cookies And dont forget about your friends ★ Help your friends to win sending them additional lives ★ Give them gifts which will help to complete new Match-3 levels Do you like playing King or SGN games? Then there is no doubt you will like Fairy Mix Visit the website of Nika Entertainment - candy puzzle adventure developer, to learn more about other colourful Match-3 games: nikaent.com And dont forget to like the game on Facebook: facebook.com/fairymixpage Fairy Mix is a free Match-3 app. But you can always buy extra lives and moves.

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